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What they do...

All buffer systems are heat treated 416 stainless steel and effectivly reduce felt recoil 40-50% and, whenever recoil is lowered in a semi-automatic pistol, muzzle climb or "jump" is also reduced allowing for faster target reaquisition, less shooter fatigue and better control. With less slamming of the slide, you can expect longer service life from your pistol.

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How they are made...

...what they do...

...and what they fit

Because of the care exercised in manufacturing and our unwillingness to compromise on any step in the process, these are some of the finest pistol barrels in the world! We use the finest material available (type 416 stainless steel). Machining processes are accomplished on CNC equipment for the highest, close tolerance production. Heat treating is done in a vacuum furnace for clean, consistent hardness of 40-43 Rockwell. Barrels are bored and rifled using ECM process (electro-chemical machining). This process produces greater accuracy (+/- 50 millionths of an inch) and superior finish (16 RMS or better). The end result is an exceptional looking, top quality barrel with consistent, accurate and long lasting performance. Minor fitting may be required. No FFL or special licensing required to purchase. The built in Compensator Ports can reduce muzzle climb or "jump" by up to 30%. The extra length (1/2" to 1" depending on firearm)is fully rifled and not only allows the external "port or compensator" cuts, but also adds muzzle velocity, giving you a faster and more stable bullet. They are very accurate, equal to or better than any on the market and are exceptional value. Barrel configuration is at the top of this page. All barrels listed on the barrel page are also available in standard length or extended length, also available threaded. These barrels carry same specs as our other barrels, i.e.; 416 heat treated stainless steel, EDM rifling, lifetime warranty, etc. E-mail your specific request for price quote.

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...we can't manufacture a system for every pistol on the market. If yours isn't listed above, we may have it anyway. New products are being developed all the time. Get in touch with me (see below) and I'll let you know if we have it, are working on it, intend to work on it...or forget it.

Really cool stuff...

Pistols in 40 cal or 357 sig... 9mm match conversion compensated barrel

This is a special Match Compensated barrel with the outside deminsions of a 40 or 357 pistol as applicable and chambered for the 9mm round. See barrel list for available conversions. I shoot more 9mm out of my Glock 27 than 40 SW...much cheaper to shoot.

Fire Dragon Product Photographs

O.K., Enough of the hype, what's this gonna cost? All prices quoted in U.S. Dollars.

Dual Action Buffer System


Match Grade Compensated Barrel


Match Grade Extended Length NON-Compensated Barrel-see NOTE below


Match Grade Standard Length Barrel


Match Grade Extended Length Threaded Barrel-see NOTE below


NOTE: Please allow 10 working days for shipment. 30-90 days additional time for EXTENDED or THREADED barrels

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Orders/Shipping Information

You can e-mail me: NoRecoil Note on e-mail...include the word "barrel" or "buffer" in subject line of your e-mail. To insure proper delivery of your request, e-mail will not be opened without one of these two words in subject line. Click underlined "NoRecoil" at the begining of this paragraph to send e-mail.

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International Rate: Due to recent changes in the world situation, we have discontinued all international sales. No exceptions. U.S.A. sales only includes possessions and APO's/FPO's.
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